@spoilhersilly is the name, outshining in the hair game. I am bilingual and my aspirations are high! I love to see the world and travel, I’d be ecstatic to one day go into international hairstyling. The fashion industry all over the world has always intrigued me and been a passion of mine. I’m also often attending classes and seminars for new techniques to enhance my craft. As a thriving creative, I thank all of my clients in advance for choosing me as your stylist!

How long have you been a stylist?

I have been doing hair ever since I can remember, from braiding all my cousin’s hair, to applying hair color on my mom and all of my aunt’s. After high school It was clear to me the next best thing to do was jump right into cosmetology school. I attended the year then, graduated as a licensed cosmetologist September 20th, 2018. Although the learning is never ending in my industry, everyday there is something new to be attained.

Why did you want to become a stylist?

Anything fashion and trendy has always been a passion of mine. Most importantly being able to help those who sit in my chair build confidence, and feel beautiful from the inside and out is what sparked my interest in being a stylist. My goal is to live by my name, @spoilhersilly, and make everyone feel spoiled and pampered every time they come and see me. I love to completely indulge myself with my clients to the point where we both forget about the hectic everyday lifestyle, and they leave my chair refreshed and ready to kick a**.

What is your favorite Hair Do of all time?

The slicked back low bun is my all time favorite hair do. It’s so quick and easy, but you still look very put together and elegant. I also love how you can throw on a pair of boxy shades and this look screams Boss Lady! You will catch me with this hair do often on my lazy days but still ready to conquer the world! I know you guys know where I’m coming from, try it out sometime!

Who is your celebrity hair icon?

I really enjoy doing vibrant colors, that make every individual’s style or characteristics pop . I absolutely love @nikita_dragun as an artist and a celebrity hair icon. The fact that she takes the nation by storm as Victoria’s Secret’s first Transgender model is astonishing. Nikita effortlessly plays off all hair cuts, colors, and textures with such confidence, my dragon tattoo is partially inspired by her! I also have to S/O @lealocs, @deja_vu_hair_studio, @hairgod_zito’s, and @domdomhair as my hairstylist idols.