I always knew I wanted to be a cosmetologist, starting back in 2012 when my best friend and I would switch up each-others hair weekly! I chose a career in the beauty industry because it is constantly growing and changing with new trends, styles, and concepts. I am a very companionable, extraordinary, and opened minded person who likes to express their individuality. I’m excited to be part of a family, and I cannot wait to push and see myself grow.

How long have you been a stylist?

I started doing hair at a young age of twelve years old. In 2017, I started at Vici Beauty School in Milwaukee, and graduated in 2018 with having the experience of working on clients 40+ hours a week.

Why did you want to become a stylist?

I often feel I was brought into this world to make a change, and this industry was my perfect match. Making people feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin is my main goal. Seeing a smile on your clients face after working your magic on them is the most rewarding feeling, aside from making personal connections as well.

Who is your celebrity hair icon?

My celebrity hair icon would have to be Hayley Williams from Paramore! From her iconic 2007 song ”Misery Business”, Hayley was rocking a vibrant red, yellow and orange in her hair. In 2019, over a decade later and that trend is still poppin’.