How long have you been a stylist?
 I started doing hair as early as 12 years   old but gained formal education at Harry S Truman college and received licensure as of 2012 in Illinois. I then shortly moved  to Wisconsin and continued my education at Moraine park technical college and shortly after obtaining my license for the state in which I practice most.
Why did you want to become a stylist?
Growing up with two older sisters I was inspired by their many cool hairstyles. They’d  wear braids,cool ponytails and all kinds of fashionable looks.The only issue I ran into was they never wanted to take the time to do my hair. I had a dilemma so I figured out how to do my own. Eventually I moved on to styling the hair of other people and I never wanted to stop.
What was your favorite hairdo of all time? 
I’m slightly torn because I have so many but I’ll just stick to two. I fell in love with the big Farah Fawsett look. Something about those beautiful waves and slowly locks. I remember wearing my hair in a similar fashion and I just knew I was hot stuff. The other style I love is the finger wave everything about the sleekness of the style what a timeless look.
Who is your celebrity icon?
Although I’m in love with Farrah’s iconic wave, I’d honestly have to say Rihanna hands down. She is the definition of beauty. I love how she wears so many different styles. RiRi is  as versatile as her fans and that’s what I love is that she can wear  anything and makes me feel more open to a new look.