Excelling in fashion-forward coloring and multi-foiling techniques, salon owner, sees hairdressing as more than a job, it’s a passion. Staying on top of the trends and latest in hair color, cut and style, her work has been showcased on the runways, in photo shoots and of course on her clients that visit her within her salon. Her extensive training across multiple areas of the hair industry allows her to offer a diverse perspective on a variety of techniques.

I started doing hair at the tender age of ten, but I received my professional license in 2002 from Gill Tech Academy of Hair Design. I continue to attend new seminars regularly and I’m always learning. I think that’s what I love best about this career.

I remember the moment that I decided I wanted to be a stylist. Previous to that thought, I wanted to be an attorney so I could wear those really cute professional suites they wear in court on the movies. That all changed when I was about 9, when I walked into a salon for my first “real” haircut. The stylist who took care of me was so trendy and the environment was so fun. I put two and two together and realized that I only wanted to be an attorney for the clothes and I knew right then I wanted to be a stylist and work in the fashion industry. I wanted to make people feel how I did that day: give them that grin after great haircut and style be the one making their day that much better. On top of that I wanted a profession where I could acquire a personal style that made me unique, work in an environment that made me happy and use my hands to creative fashion. If only I could find that stylist I meant at 9 and thank her for that beautiful experience that has made my life so fulfilling!

The classic vintage Marilyn Monroe blonde bombshell hairstyle will never go out of style. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you who Marilyn Monroe was and why she is considered an icon.  Her style became the basis of what we regard as glamour and stardom to this day. This hair style is much more elegant and more glamorous than straighter hair styles and not so surprisingly. . . it’s modern looking once again! (The circle of life shows forth once again.)

GWEN STEFANI! I remember when she was dying her hair blue and pink and rocking braces in the 90,s. I would copy every hair color and drive my parents NUTS! Gwen’s style is entirely her own, and that is what I love about her. She has never followed a trend and continues to push boundaries with fashion and style. She is the definition of IDGAF and I love her for it!



I've seen numerous hair stylists over the years and was never satisfied with the cuts or color I got from anyone. The problem is I am extremely picky, and no one seemed passionate enough to do a great job. But once I started seeing Geri Beth, it was game over!
She is the most thorough and passionate stylist I have ever been to. What I really love about her is that she is always educating herself on the newest trends, and is not afraid of guiding me on my style. She loves being a stylist and helping people look their best, and it shows! She even did my hair for my wedding, and it was how I always imagined it.
As for the salon, it is adorable! You feel like you are in a high end salon in LA, without paying the LA price. All of the stylists are so fun and friendly, you really feel like part of a family. I drive from over an hour away to get my hair done, and it is totally worth it!
Mandi H
I absolutely love Get Dolled Up. I get my hair done by Geri Beth and I don't trust anyone else to even touch my hair. She is full of creative ideas and spunk. I have gotten to know the other stylists that also work here and they are all super friendly and greet you with a smile when you walk in the door. I would highly recommend this salon to anyone and everyone.
Jill A
I love this salon! It has a great vibe & stylish staff. Geri Beth, the owner, did an amazing job on my hair!! She is personable, highly knowledgeable & made the appointment fun! Moreover, she turned my dark hair blonde without turning it orange. It looks very natural, and I'm ecstatic about the results. I've been looking for a place like this since I moved here 3 years ago from California. So, I floated out of the salon after my appointment! I highly recommend it!!!
Trisha P.
I had the best service of my life today. Geri Beth is amazing at color correction and was so nice! My before and after was crazy and she gave me so many tips and told me what was going on and what she was doing the whole time. I will be coming back to get my roots touched up in 2 months and I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Collen P.