Having grown in a small tight knit community, I have a strong focus on building relationships with everyone I meet. I strive to bring balance between comfort and glam. Passion and vision combine together to create a unique personalized style for everyone.

I´ve been doing hair and makeup for four years. A year and a half professionally!

One day when I was a little girl I went to my local hair salon. I was super nervous because I was getting a lot chopped off that day. (You know the basic bob haircut every child gets in there life). Anyways,  I remember meeting my hairstylist for the first time. I had to be patient in the waiting area because she was running a little behind. She then proceeded to hand me a Vogue magazine. I didn’t really read as a kid so I started to flip through the pages vastly. All I can remember in the magazine was seeing so many different styles of hair and makeup. It was a new realm of creativity I have discovered. A couple minutes went by and my stylist called my name. I studied her closely.  She was a super spunky older woman with curly hair and wore a cheetah print top with a lot of neon print accessories. Now, I grew up in a small community and never would you see anyone drop dead in anything like that. So she then started to cut my hair and I mean she really started to cut my hair. She was cutting with so much passion, and while she was cutting she kept on talking to me and making me feel awesome. I was super shy growing up and it took a lot out of me to say something to people sometimes but she made me feel special in a way. Once the service was over I thanked her tremendously and she told me to keep the magazine. I was so inspired by her look, her aura and her personality that I wanted to be a ¨cool¨ stylist someday and to make people feel beautiful with how they look. Now here I am doing what I love and I couldn’t be happier.

My favorite hair would have to be doing some beachy waves or a soft romantic curl. The two looks are super in right now, and are actually quite quick and easy to achieve!

Gwen Stefani for sure! She is one of the biggest icons in the beauty industry that I believe. Maybe it’s something to do with her beautiful blonde hair or red lipstick? Who knows. Catch me at the salon and i’ll probably be wearing a bold red lip inspired by the queen herself.



I've seen numerous hair stylists over the years and was never satisfied with the cuts or color I got from anyone. The problem is I am extremely picky, and no one seemed passionate enough to do a great job. But once I started seeing Geri Beth, it was game over!
She is the most thorough and passionate stylist I have ever been to. What I really love about her is that she is always educating herself on the newest trends, and is not afraid of guiding me on my style. She loves being a stylist and helping people look their best, and it shows! She even did my hair for my wedding, and it was how I always imagined it.
As for the salon, it is adorable! You feel like you are in a high end salon in LA, without paying the LA price. All of the stylists are so fun and friendly, you really feel like part of a family. I drive from over an hour away to get my hair done, and it is totally worth it!
Mandi H
I absolutely love Get Dolled Up. I get my hair done by Geri Beth and I don't trust anyone else to even touch my hair. She is full of creative ideas and spunk. I have gotten to know the other stylists that also work here and they are all super friendly and greet you with a smile when you walk in the door. I would highly recommend this salon to anyone and everyone.
Jill A
I love this salon! It has a great vibe & stylish staff. Geri Beth, the owner, did an amazing job on my hair!! She is personable, highly knowledgeable & made the appointment fun! Moreover, she turned my dark hair blonde without turning it orange. It looks very natural, and I'm ecstatic about the results. I've been looking for a place like this since I moved here 3 years ago from California. So, I floated out of the salon after my appointment! I highly recommend it!!!
Trisha P.
I had the best service of my life today. Geri Beth is amazing at color correction and was so nice! My before and after was crazy and she gave me so many tips and told me what was going on and what she was doing the whole time. I will be coming back to get my roots touched up in 2 months and I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Collen P.