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Extensions & Weaving

Extensions – Consultation
Extensions are positioned close to the scalp by weaving, braiding, or bonding, and may consist of real or synthetic hair. They are designed to add length and volume to the style. When applied professionally, extensions will mix and move naturally with any style.

Fushion Hair Extensions
Fusion – Fusion hair extensions use a virtually undetectable adhesive bond (about the size of a piece of rice) that can be applied using either heat (hot fusion). With hot fusion, heat is used to activate a bond to attach extensions to your hair. The best quality fusion hair extensions are applied using a keratin bond. Since your hair is made up of 90% keratin, this bond is more gentle on your hair than the adhessive used by most other brands. These extensions can last four months or more.

Micro-Bead Hair Extensions
Micro-Bead – This method involves attaching the extension to the hair using a tiny, color-matched bead. There are several advantages to this method; the extension hair can be reused after removal, the extension can be applied and removed without the use of a adhesive bond and they are relatively easy to install. The main reason that most clients and stylists prefer micro-bead hair extensions is that they can be adjusted (moved closer to the scalp) as the natural hair grows.

Tape-In Hair Extensions
Tape-in extensions use an adhesive weft that is applied without the need for tools or heat. Tape-in extensions are uniquely designed to lay completely seamless and undetectable in the hair. The best quality tape-in extensions like Babe and Hair Dreams are manufactured with amazing quality human remy hair with the cuticle intact which allows the hair to be reapplied up to 3 times. These extensions can last 8 to 10 weeks per application.

Preparation and application

Will my hair be pre-treated before the extension?
Your hair will be washed in order to eliminate silicone and all other substances. This will help guarantee the duration of the extensions.
How long does the application take?
The supplication will take about three hours.
Without extensions my hair is so thin?
We have noticed that some of our clients, once the extensions are removed, feel that their hair is thinner than usual but this is not true, it is only because they had gotten used to the volume andthickness they had with the extensions.
I ordered too many strands. What do I do?
We suggest you to store them in a clean and dry place.
I’m losing too much hair
It is normal to lose 10% of the strands while wearing extensions. If you are in doubt, your we will help you.
Can I add some strands later?
You may always add strands afterwards.

Conditions & suggestions

How long must my hair be in order to lengthen it?
Minimum hair length for a successful application is 3-4 inches.
If I have very fine hair, will the extensions be seen easier?
No, we can supplies thinner hair strands. Seek advice from one of our specialists.
Can the hair be dangerous during pregnancy?
Our extensions are made with high quality Indian hair and its structure is very similar to European hair. Applying or removing extensions during pregnancy is not dangerous.
You must however note that during pregnancy or while breast feeding hair loss tends to increase because of hormone variations. If this were to be the case then the extensions need to be removed as your natural hair would not stand the weight of the extensions.
Do you see the bonds?
The bonds are even flatter. The bonds are perceivable only when you pass your hands through your hair.
Is it possible to have extensions with a natural wave?
All of our extensions have a natural wave however they may be styled as desired.
Hair extensions after an illness
We usually do not recommend extensions right after hair loss due to illnesses or hormonal causes. Your hair should be left the time to strengthen and then you may try applying a couple of strands to see how your hair reacts.
How to care for your hair extensions
Is special care necessary after having my extensions applied?
Extensions may be treated as regular hair but long hair always needs special attention. We offer quality products and special brushes.
Should the extensions be straightened?
You can use a hair straightener but the bonds should never come in contact with the tool.
Can I run my fingers through my hair?
Yes, you should run your fingers through the bonds to keep them separated.
How many times should I have my extensions checked?
It is necessary to have your extensions checked at least once every month in order for the hair extensionist to cut the natural hairs that have fallen out but are entrapped between the scalp and the bonding avoiding them to tangle.
What shampoo should I use?
You should use one of our shampoos which have been specially developed for use with our extensions. Other shampoos may not maintain the quality of your extensions.
How should I care for my hair during shampooing?
Use little pressure while shampooing. Always brush the strands with a special extension brush and without pulling. Start drying from the roots and then the bonds. Make sure the bonds fully dry.