Hey there, dolls!

How’s summer treating you so far? Good?! Good. Everything is better in warm weather, right?!

At Get Dolled Up, we take pride in staying ahead of the trends in terms of haircolor, cuts, styles, treatments, products…you get it. Each season we look forward to predicting the hottest trends and this summer is no exception. Our picks for this summer’s trendiest haircolors made an appearance in our salon months ago – but we’re still excited to share them with you now!

Here’s a peek at our predictions for 2017’s most popular hair colors:

Sunkissed + Balayaged Bronde

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A tried and true celeb favorite, this color is most often a brunette base with hand-painted and strategically-placed highlights meant to mimic a kiss from the sun. This color is great for guests who want to have a natural yet brightened style. Outgrowth is also a non-issue if you request that your darkest color match your natural hair.

Rooted-Up Blondes

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This trend covers a broad range of hair colors – from Elsa icy to golden blonde. What’s awesome about “rooted” color is that it’s incredibly low maintenance, especially for blondes. Blondies typically need touch-ups every 4-6 weeks, but with a natural root shadow you can often push your time in between appointments to 8-12 weeks. Our favorite version reminds us of vanilla bean ice cream! Ok…maybe we’re just hungry.

Drop Red Gorgeous

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Think of this as a fresh take on traditional red. Our stylists like to mix in spikes of magenta, orange, cranberry, burgundy, or even purple for added dimension. With a color this vibrant, it’s important to use proper professional products at home to ensure that your color doesn’t fade. If you’re planning to take the plunge into the red, be sure to discuss maintenance with your stylist.

Pastels and Metallics

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Whether it’s pink, purple, blue, gray, rose gold – they can ALL be made metallic and/or pastel. And we can pretty much guarantee they’ll be drop dead gorgeous! Striking yet subdued, pastel and metallic haircolors are fabulous for someone who has a little edge. At Get Dolled Up, we offer both permanent and temporary pastels and metallics in the form of our Schwarzkopf BlondMe Instant Blushes (click here to learn more!).

So, who’s signing up to try one of these trendy colors? If you’d like to book an appointment, download our free app for quick and easy scheduling. Plus, you’ll gain exclusive access to a variety of in-salon specials.

As always, we look forward to seeing you soon. Thanks for choosing us, dolls!


The Get Dolled Up team

*Select photos courtesy of www.behindthechair.com